MMOexp: Lich Boss Fight Guide In Dark and Darker

Welcome to the Dark and Darker Lich boss fight guide! In this guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics of the Lich boss fight and provide you with essential strategies to survive and emerge victorious. The Lich is considered the easiest of Dark And Darker Gold the three bosses in Dark and Darker at the moment, making it an ideal starting point for boss hunting. Let’s dive right in!

Understanding Lich Abilities
The Lich employs five damaging abilities during the fight, each requiring a specific strategy for avoidance or mitigation:

Normal Ranged Attack: A fast-traveling projectile dealing 50 magic damage. The Lich raises both hands before casting this attack. When you see this animation, dodge to the side or strafe if you’re at a distance.

Strong Ranged Attack: A slower-moving homing projectile dealing 100 magic damage. The Lich will spin their staff above their head before casting. Dodging this attack involves making tight turns around corners or structures to force the projectile to collide with obstacles.

Melee Knockback: Deals 70 magic damage and knocks the player back into the air. The Lich winds up with a swing before delivering this attack if players are too close. Melee players should step back upon seeing the wind-up animation.

Curse of Gathering: Creates a purple circle requiring players to gather within its bounds. Damage is distributed based on the number of players inside the circle when it expires. Cleansing this curse is an option.

Curse of Isolation: Creates a blue circle necessitating players to distance themselves from their party. Damage is inflicted based on proximity to other players within the circle upon its expiration. Like the Curse of Gathering, this curse can also be cleansed.

Non-Damaging Mechanics
Aside from damaging abilities, the Lich utilizes two non-damaging mechanics:

Resurrection: The Lich can revive all skeleton footmen and archers to full HP. Use this time to unleash high-damage spells as the Lich is occupied with the resurrection process.

Soul Steel: Triggered after a player is killed, the Lich gains a shield absorbing 250 damage. Players should focus on breaking this shield before dealing further damage to the Lich.

High Roller Mode Specifics
In High Roller mode, the Lich gains an additional skill named Death Swarm. This skill summons a mini version of the main game’s Death Swarm mechanic, damaging players outside the highlighted purple safe zone while buffing skeletons inside the zone.

Strategies for Success
Coordinate with your team to handle curses effectively. Communicate curse types and execute cleansing or distancing strategies accordingly. For example, when the Curse of Gathering appears, ensure everyone gathers in the circle to distribute the damage. Conversely, when the Curse of Isolation is cast, make sure each player distances themselves from others to avoid taking damage.

Maintain optimal positioning to avoid ranged attacks and minimize damage from melee knockbacks. Keep a safe distance from the Lich to react quickly to its attack animations. Use the environment to your advantage by dodging projectiles around corners and using obstacles to block homing attacks.

Utilize cleansing abilities promptly to mitigate curse damage and maintain team cohesion. Some classes have cleansing abilities that can remove curses, so ensure these abilities are used effectively to keep the team healthy and focused on the Lich.

High Roller Mode Awareness
In High Roller mode, stay vigilant for the Death Swarm skill and adjust positioning to avoid damage while managing skeleton buffs. Pay attention to the purple safe zones and ensure you’re inside them to avoid the swarm’s damage. Additionally, be prepared to deal with enhanced skeletons that receive buffs from being inside the Death Swarm.

Focus Fire
Prioritize breaking the Soul Steel shield to resume dealing damage to the Lich effectively. When the Lich gains the shield after a player’s death, concentrate all firepower on breaking it quickly. Once the shield is down, resume your usual attack pattern.

By mastering these strategies and understanding the Lich’s abilities, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer this boss and claim victory in Dark and Darker. Good luck, adventurers, and may your cheap Darker Gold loot from the bottomless loot horde be bountiful! Remember, practice and teamwork are key. The more you and your team familiarize yourselves with the Lich’s patterns, the smoother your runs will become. Happy hunting!